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E-Kohle 3.0 (Shisha Palace)
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Electronic Shisha Charcoal

1. Chemical FREE
High levels of Potassium Nitrate or Potassium Chlorate are traditionally found in Ignite Charcoal, which enables instant ignition. It is these chemicals that have been scientifically proven to cause the usual side effects of smoking Shisha such as headaches and nausea. Electricoal is 100% free from chemicals; so no more side effects! In addition to this there will be no more inhalation of carbon monoxide, sulphur or any other harmful toxins that are normally emitted from regular burning coal

2. 80% Increase in Flavour
Fancy a more concentrated, pure flavoured tobacco that will undoubtably optimise your Shisha smoking experience? Electricoal will give you just that by removing the elements given off by burning traditional coal.

3. Cost Efficient
Electricoal will stop you from having to replace your traditional coal every 30 minutes, saving you time and money in the long term. As it runs on low voltage DC power, Electricoal is energy saving but still high efficiency and has an average life span of 2 years.

4. Heat stability
Electricoal provides stable performance by producing a constant heat temperature with its high-density ceramic structure , reaching a peak of 110 degrees within 3 minutes flat... that’s 10 degrees hotter than traditional coal. No more de-ashing or moving around of coal.

5. Better safe
Traditional coal can be a nightmare if it falls onto any surface....especially your carpet! Electricoal can be threaded through the ash collecting dish, hence unable to fall over, burn or create any mess within your home.